Borgers Builds Business

Borgers Corporation is a business and sales development and marketing consultancy with an affinity for niche enterprise and a flair for the unconventional. 

We work well with small to medium and multi-million dollar companies of intrinsic merit and similar corporate values to our own that are making a meaningful contribution to their industry.

We offer an Integrated Business Solutions Package tailored entirely to your own needs and aspirations and, as a facilitative marketing tool, we produce specialized trade magazines that showcase outstanding enterprises, select products, innovative research and industrial best practice.

Our methods are proven, our purpose is clear – we aim to make a difference within organizations and industries. 

Seasoned by success, we thrive on challenge and are driven by worthwhile causes, such as supporting Australian manufacturers, reviving struggling companies and facilitating regional development through co-operative alliances.

Our special interest is in workplace health and safety and eco-sustainability – achievement and financial gain without harm to workers or the environment!

We are committed to beneficial corporate culture change that will enhance your company’s productivity and prosperity.  

By fostering responsible business practice and cutting-edge initiatives, we help establish your company’s leadership credentials and competitive advantage within the marketplace.

National Procurement

  • $2 million to $hundreds of millions per annum within six years.
  • Commerce & Finance – Asia/Australia: 
  • $0 to $150 million in enquiries within 24 months;
  • Peak revenue reached $65 million.

Insurance & Investment

  • No.1 in sales achievement in Victoria in nine months;
  • No.2 in sales achievement in Australia in nine months;
  • $150 million in finance enquiries within a three-month period;
  • $250 thousand in general insurance enquiries within three months.

Management Consultancy & Training

  • Blue ribbon clients across diverse sectors, including– 
  • Higher Education (universities);
  • Retail (major shopping centres); 
  • Manufacturing (heavy metal fabrication);
  • Small to medium enterprise groups. 

Manufacturing & Material Handling

  • 100% growth for three consecutive years, against the adverse backdrop of concurrent global financial crisis;
  • No.1 in distributor sales in Asia and Australia.