Company Profile

Borgers Corporation Pty Ltd is a progressive business and sales development and marketing consultancy geared to assist Australian companies to develop their sales and marketing strategies and improve their visibility and effectiveness in the marketplace.

Borgers’ intention is to strengthen businesses and create teams and structures that will facilitate a company’s own success whilst boosting the business sector at the same time. Operational strategies are based essentially on the win-win principle of co-operation (rather than on adversarial competition) and on achieving macro solutions through the collective enterprise of regional and national cluster groups of like-minded companies and organizations.

Our executive management team is highly credentialed, widely experienced and exceptionally motivated, with a comprehensive and proficient background in:

  • Business Management and Development 
  • Management Consulting and Training
  • Corporate Culture Transformation
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Recruitment (HR) 
  • Retail and Procurement
  • Commerce and Finance
  • Insurance and Investment
  • Research and Education
  • Health & Safety Education and Promotion
  • Counselling and Mentoring
  • Media and Publications
  • Printing and Design
  • Franchise Development
  • Website Development (Writing, Editing, Proof reading)
  • Public and Government Relations (PR)
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Technology (Pathology Services)
  • Housing Sustainability
  • Sports Coaching (football)


We have an established track record and outstanding professional capabilities in all these areas of expertise and are readily equipped to meet any corporate challenges in business enhancement and new enterprise across the board.