Case Study - Commerce & Finance

International Merchant Bank

The Cause:  International commercial enterprise in business migration and affinity-based marketing.

The Goal:  To open up overseas markets and financial networks for an Australian merchant banking group throughout Asia and USA by exploring joint venture opportunities for foreign trade and investment and creating an active international databank of corporate clients.

The Role: Auxiliary Business Development and Marketing Advisor to Banking Consultants.

The Achievements:

  • Developed customized financial packages and systemized business turnaround services;
  • Initiated and consolidated viable international commercial structures encompassing Australia, Asia and USA through affinity-based marketing; 
  • Established a sizeable international joint venture databank of 49,000inter-connected clients and investors to help foster foreign trade opportunities;
  • Facilitated lucrative corporate acquisition and investment agreements and partnerships;
  • Strategically linked corporate Australian and Asian clients and companies for potential investment, business migration and equity participation;
  • Produced the informative Trade and Investment Report newsletter as a client education and communication tool; 
  • Established government advisory links and editorial resources;
  • Generated over $150 million worth of business enquiries in a period of 24 months;
  • Travelled extensively throughout Asia providing personalized consultancy and financial solutions services to prospective clientele.

The Bottom Line:  It took under two years to implement our successful formula for corporate expansion and growth and superior branding overseas.  Peak revenue reached $65 million and was based firmly on the consolidation of friendly and robust international business relations and networks.