Case Study - Heavy Metal Fabrication

Austin Hoist and Crane (AHC)

The Cause: 

  • To boost the productivity and profitability of an Australian crane-hoist company in practice for over 100 years in Victoria and struggling to survive the current world economic downturn and mounting competition from cheap foreign imports;
  • To tackle the crisis in heavy metal fabrication in this country and become a catalyst for positive change within the manufacturing and materials handling sectors; 
  • To explore the potential for regional alliances and co-operative partnerships as a buffer for companies facing adverse industrial conditions.

The Goal: To consolidate the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at Austin’s and improve their corporate branding and market share through the application of Borgers’ Integrated Solutions Package (ISP).

The Role: Business and Sales Development and Marketing Consultant.

The Achievements:

  • Mentored management using our ISP strategies and fostered a more buoyant, cohesive and optimistic outlook amongst office and factory employees;
  • Implemented an intensive staff/management motivational program geared closely to the realization of set KPI projections ;
  • Coached and revitalized the Austin Sales Team to enhance their personal and professional performance to the point of surpassing any past company record for enquiries and generated purchases (refer to graph in Industry Insights magazine);
  • Triggered a notable Service Division growth of 78 per cent over 5 years (refer to graph in Industry Insights magazine);
  • Facilitated growth and factory expansion prospects through tactical networking, regional development and alliance initiatives;
  • Formulated a thorough Audit and Needs Analysis protocol precisely tailored to suit the individual requirements of the end user; 
  • Introduced the One-Stop Shop and Full Lifecycle Asset Management concepts – incorporating such aspects as combining competitive, high-quality products with impeccable service and equipment maintenance, client needs analysis, product selection criteria, informed choice and customer retention;
  • Produced three new industry publications to address urgent engineering and manufacturing matters pertaining to the lifting sector (such as HS&E issues, best practice, R&D, legal and political reform, industry alerts, ROI, etc.) and showcasing the innovative contribution of our client company to the sector; 
  • These magazines became a sales and marketing tool for the crane company, enhancing its ‘visibility’ in the marketplace and positioning it to become an undisputed national leader in its field – as reported in an article in the prestigious international Hoist magazine (Issue 81, May 2009);
  • Established Austin’s clear point of difference and niche value and gave the company a highly competitive edge in the marketplace through our corporate publications and public relations;
  • Became an agent for positive change by educating the readership/public in occupational health and safety and sustainability protocols and promoting best practice in the heavy metal fabrication and materials handling industries.

The Bottom Line: In the face of a relentless global financial crisis, AHC achieved No.1 status in comparative total sales volume in the Australasian region after only five years of operational partnership with Borgers Corporation (Hoist magazine). While other Australian manufacturers were contracting or closing down, Austin achieved its best ever corporate growth and could no longer keep up with increased demand. 

Through our uncompromising commitment to elevating awareness, compliance and practical standards in workplace health and safety, our promotional publicity and our liaison with the relevant government departments and private enterprise, Austin Cranes quickly gained widespread international recognition as trusted and reputable producers of reliable, state-of-the-art cranes and hoists.