Case Study - Medical Technology

Hitech Pathology

The Cause: 

  • To support and boost the productivity and profitability of an independent, Australian-owned Pathology Group within a fiercely competitive and regulated marketplace;
  • To position the Pathology Group with a powerful point of difference in the marketplace by creating market awareness of their adherence to world’s best practice and their utilization of cutting edge technology.

The Goal: 

  • To repackage the Pathology Group and promulgate their unique skills set, their high professionalism and state-of-the-art scientific equipment;
  • To consolidate their Key Performance Indicators; 
  • To improve their corporate branding and market share through the application of Borgers Integrated Solutions Package;
  • To develop and package operational training systems;
  • To improve internal communications with the 135 staff members;
  • To assist in building an environmental ‘learning culture’ and provide customer focussed training; 
  • To increase company growth by one third in the first year.

The Role: Business Development, Marketing Consultant and HR Facilitator

The Achievements:

  • Improved staff inter-communication with monthly internal newsletters and special edition publications;
  • Nurtured staff morale and work satisfaction through the introduction of flexible work-life balance initiatives;
  • Implemented in-house Training Audits and improved administration;
  • Produced a new marketing technical brochure highlighting the Pathology Group’s sophistication and some of their superior cutting edge technology;
  • Reduced Call Centre absenteeism; 
  • Helped attain the targeted growth of one third in the first year.

The Bottom Line: Hitech became the third largest provider of private hospital in-house pathology services in the metropolitan region and was the first private laboratory in Melbourne to provide cumulative reporting of results for all patients along with other advanced computerized services and data handling techniques.

The company went on to achieve unsurpassed growth and the eventual successful sale of the business.