Mentoring & Coaching

Borgers Corporation provides specialized holistic business enhancement services and corporate governance coaching primarily to niche companies and SMEs.

We offer an intensive, independent programme aimed at consolidating businesses that are struggling to remain competitive and viable or that are ready to go that step further with their enterprises by aiming to expand or assume absolute leadership in their field.

We work with senior management, key departments, marketing and sales teams to bring out the very best in personnel and in corporate operations, thus optimising overall efficiencies, business generation and ultimate cash flow and profitability.

Our professional approach is experience based, highly customized, and shown to be strategically effective across a wide range of industries.

Middle management is often the first casualty of tough times and economic downturns and accompanying senior staff retrenchments and cut backs can create a serious loss of skills and competencies within companies … An accomplished Corporate Coach with exceptional vision and expertise can fill this gap and underpin your enterprise with renewed vigour and direction, empowering management to find astute solutions to meet emerging challenges and opportunities.

We deliver optimal outcomes by employing the following methodologies: 

  • Management training – Who runs your company and are they as effective as they could be?  We train the trainers to become bold corporate leaders able to manage in a downturn.
  • Situational Analysis – Where are you now?  We identify the existing pros and cons of your business and evaluate your KPIs and Capability Profile.
  • Corporate goal setting – Where do you want to be in future?  We focus on your corporate plans and help you establish a clear ‘road map’ of future directions. 
  • Needs Analysis – What do you need to do to get there?  We identify potential improvements and market penetration strategies for your business.
  • Value adding – How can you go that extra mile for your clients?  Consider diversification, innovation, superior service, OHS compliance, sustainability, etc.
  • Plant asset management – How you can best guarantee long term efficiency and productivity of products and equipment by implementing a full life cycle maintenance and service program.
  • Supply chain maximization – What you can do to tighten and strengthen the chain (creating transparency, reliability, accountability and economic savings along the way). 
  • Networking – With whom can you form symbiotic alliances and co-operative partnerships? 
  • Sales team training – Who are responsible for moving product and interfacing with your customers?  We galvanize and motivate account managers to meet and exceed client and company expectations.
  • Information Competency – What you know ultimately determines your success (ongoing education of employees and knowledge-based client relationships are the key to excellence and achievement).
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