Case Study - Printing & Design Publication

Snap Heidelberg - National Print & Design Franchise

The Cause: To enhance the success of an Australian-owned and operated franchise amid intense competition from an influx of foreign-owned companies and products.

The Goal: To improve the productivity and corporate branding of the franchise and thereby increase its profitability and market share.

The Role: Business and Sales Development Consultant and Corporate Mentor.

The Achievements:

  • Borgers became a catalyst for positive change for the franchise by improving its corporate branding and market share in the face of mounting competition from cheaper foreign products swamping the printing industry;
  • Introduced our proven template for success and consolidated the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), thereby creating a stable platform for enhanced future growth;
  • Developed a Customer Needs Analysis system that helped establish closer and lasting ties with clients – focussing on the 80/20 rule, whereby 80% of generated business emanates from only 20% of the established customer base;
  • Became a trusted Business Advisor and valued sounding board to Management, helping them to see the ‘bigger picture’ whilst not becoming caught up in day-to-day processes;
  • Mentored management to create a more buoyant, cohesive and optimistic staff outlook while, at the same time, insisting on performance accountability;
  • Boosted the productivity and profitability of the franchise (in a current climate of uncertainty, wherein many printing providers and publishers are seriously struggling or operating at a loss).

The Bottom Line: The business grew to a peak of 262 per cent in under three years, resulting in Snap Heidelberg becoming one of the highest growth centres of its kind in Australia and winning the Snap Sales Achievement Award for 2011.

The franchise also attained its own personal best annual record for sales in 2011 – easily surpassing any past records with an astounding increase of over 200 per cent.

January 2013 proved to be the most productive and profitable month in the history of the franchise.